Death Away From Home

If a loved one dies while away from home, you may suddenly find yourself in a confused state while asking, "What do I do?" Dealing with a loss away from your hometown can seem especially complicated.
Our funeral service professionals at Graumlich Funeral Home are qualified to assist you in making the necessary arrangements for the deceased person while providing comfort and care to your family, regardless of where the death occurred. If you find yourself...
...In Another Community
Often individuals move to another community or maintain a second residence, but desire funeral arrangements be conducted in their home area. Before removal is made from the place of death, whether it is a residence, hospital or other care facility, the next of kin or a family member should contact Graumlich Funeral Home direct and not authorize a medical staff member or another person to contact a funeral home in the city of death. This would result in additional expense to the family. Our direct phone number is             (614) 444-7854      .
...Outside the United States
If a person dies while traveling outside the United States, officials in the foreign country will notify the U.S. Embassy in the country where the death occurs. Your family’s funeral service professional is familiar with the procedures for returning a loved one to the United States.
...When Traveling
It is helpful for persons to carry a wallet-size card (which can be obtained from Graumlich Funeral Home) indicating the name and phone number of the next of kin and your funeral service professional. Travel insurance is an additional option you may consider. The procedure to follow would be the same as when death occurs in another community (see above “In Another Community”)
When death is sudden or unexpected, the Coroner or Medical Examiner is involved and can help coordinate arrangements with Graumlich Funeral Home for preparation and return of your loved one to the home area.
Information You'll Need to Have
A death certificate is filed in the county of death. A transit permit is then issued by the health department in that county. Items required on the death certificate in addition to name, address, etc. are:

  • Date and place of birth (city and state)
  • Social Security number
  • Veteran status
  • Educational level
  • Parents names, including mother’s maiden name
  • Place of burial if known
  • Usual occupation