Our Story

In 1862, when Columbus was just a village, James Taylor and Wesley O'Harrah opened a funeral business on the southeast corner of State and Third Streets, where the Old Old Columbus Post Offices were built. The building still stands today, and was restored into law offices in the mid 1900's.
In 1865, Taylor and O'Harrah were in charge of the local funeral arrangements for President Abraham Lincoln. The President's body lay in state in the Rotunda of the Ohio State House.

After the death of both Taylor and O'Harrah in 1908, the practice was carried on by Mrs. Mary (Taylor) Fisher, daughter of Mr. Taylor. Jewell Clarke served as Manager, the business was incorporated in the name of Taylor-Clarke, and relocated to 101 Parsons Avenue.
In 1915, A.K. Graumlich purchased the business and continued the services. Mrs. Mary Taylor-Fisher served as licensed lady embalmer until her death in 1928.

In 1920, A.K. Graumlich purchased the property at 1351 South High Street, where the funeral home is located today. In 1930, Theodore R. Graumlich, son of A.K. Graumlich, joined the family practice and the business was renamed, "Graumlich & Son". In 1955, August K. Graumlich II, son of Theodore R. Graumlich, graduated from the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science and obtained his Funeral Director's and Embalmer's licenses - joining the firm as the third generation with his father and grandfather.
Upon the death of his father and the retirement of his grandfather in 1960, August K. Graumlich II assumed ownership, becoming director and President of the firm. He currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of Graumlich & Son, Inc. Shirley P. Graumlich, wife of August K. Graumlich, II, is President of Graumlich & Son, Inc. and a 47 year staff member and a licensed funeral director.
August and Shirley's daughter, Andrea, is the fourth generation of Graumlichs to operate the practice. Andrea graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1992, then completed an internship at the funeral home. She obtained her Funeral Director's License in 1996, and currently serves as Manager and Executive Vice President.

Why Choose Us?

Our most important asset is the families we serve.  As a family owned and operated funeral home, we are not answering to shareholders or the dictates of a nationally owned conglomerate.

We value our personal relationships and seek to reflect that in the quality of our staff, services and facilities.

  • A proud history of commitment to the Central Ohio community through 4 generations of service
  • Serving all faiths
  • Meeting individual needs of the grieving family with careful planning and attention to detail
  • Spacious, comfortable facilities to provide a nurturing atmosphere for the family and their friends
  • Children's Library, a place where children can creatively express their thoughts with drawings or coloring. Television and DVD's are available with parents' consent. We encourage children to be present to be a part of the family grief process.
  • Centrally located, convenient to Interstates 71, 70, State Route 315 and outer belt 270
  • Large parking plaza with handicap access via elevator and ramp
  • A comprehensive offering of options and competitive prices to meet every budget

~ Meet Lexie ~

Lexie is Andrea's yellow lab and enjoys spending time at the funeral home
and offering comfort to those who come through our doors. 
Lexie turned 5 years of age on January 1, 2016

I have found that when you are deeply troubled there are things
you get from the silent devoted companionship of a dog that you
can get from no other source
Doris Day
From the book,  Animal Blessings