Without a doubt, dying is one of the few events in life that is certain to occur. You may never marry, or have children; but without fail, one day you will take your last breath. For most of us, this is a disquieting thought. Yet it is still something you should plan for – if not for your own peace-of-mind, then for the well-being of those you’ll leave behind.

This section will help you make decisions for the future by explaining what is involved in pre-arrangement, the rewards of pre-planning, and what options are available.

Funding Options:

1.   Irrevocable pre-need contract funded with cash

2..  Insurance policy with payment plan (payments over 3, 5, 7, or 10 years) to fund an Irrevocable pre-need contract

3.   Existing Individual Life Insurance policy (s) that may be assigned to the funeral home for proceeds to be applied towards  Irrevocable funeral contract

4.   Or a combination of any of the above first three options.

There are a growing number of options available to the public today when seeking to preplan and prepay their final wishes.  We can tailor a plan that's right for you and designed to meet anyone's budget concerns.  From single pay plans to automatic monthly bank withdrawals, to working with an individual's existing life insurance policy.                     Andrea Graumlich is available to outline the choices available.

Pre-paying can protect you and your family from future inflationary trends while providing the peace-of-mind of knowing that they will be cared for after you are gone.  Below you will find more detailed explanations of the plans that we have available.

If you would like to request an appointment after you have reviewed this information, Andrea Graumlich will go over any additional questions you may have.  You may phone 614-444-7854.

When is the Best Time to Pre-Plan Your Funeral?

We’d like to say “right now”,  but know you may not be emotionally ready to take on this task.  Perhaps the best time to begin making your prearrangements is when you have a family you wish to protect from the emotional and financial responsibilites they will carry when you leave them with no plan at all.

By taking time now to collect cost information and calmly making choices related to your own funeral arrangements,  you'll be protecting your family against the stress of having to make these decisions at a time of extreme emotional stress.  This way you can carefully choose specific items you want and need... and pay for them now.  Prepaid Investments through funeral homes allows families to fund their funerals in advance through different investment vehicles.

The Six Common Reasons for Prearranging Funerals

Today, more individuals and families are making the decision to prearrange their funerals than ever before.  Because of the factors such as inflation, fewer extended family members living close by, and other changes in our society, planning your own funeral can make a lot of sense.

In a recent survey, these were the most common reasons people gave for prearranging their own funerals:

  • Communicates your wishes
  • Reduces stress for friends and family at an already emotional time
  • Saves money
  • It may guarantee your family will never have to pay more for your funeral — no matter what happens with inflation
  • Shows you care
  • Relieves your loved ones of the financial responsibility

Any one of those reasons is good, but when you take them all together, it’s easy to see why pre-planning your funeral is one of the smartest things you can do. If you agree, give us a call to set an appointment with Andrea Graumlich or get started right now, with PreArrangement Online. Don’t worry. It’s safe, secure, and completely private.

Today it is becoming more and more common for people to plan funerals before death occurs. This planning might involve your own funeral or the funeral of a family member or relative. In either case, a professional funeral director is prepared to talk with you about the wisdom of pre-planning.

Why Pre-Plan?
Planning is an important part of identifying your goals and subsequently reaching those goals. When it comes to taking care of your family and loved ones, planning is especially important.
Planning your estate, no matter the size, is the crucial first step in protecting the lifetime goals you have for yourself and your family. The foundation of any estate plan is a will. Having a will ensures that your wishes and plans are carried out without unnecessary delay. Other aspects of estate planning include: updating insurance policies, managing investments and savings and planning for retirement.
Pre-Planning a funeral for yourself or a loved one is also a vital part of estate planning. With all the details arranged in advance, the funeral will proceed as planned - without requiring last - minute decisions, and without being an unexpected financial burden.

Who Should Pre-Plan?
As ironic as it may seem, people in the prime of life should give serious consideration to making funeral arrangements in advance. The prime of life is a time when all kinds of plans are being made for the future. Prudent planners will recognize the inevitability of death and consider it in their planning.
In addition, the survivors of people who die in their prime are generally shocked by such death. As a rule, making funeral arrangements may be especially confusing and stressful to them. Pre - planning can help alleviate some of the stress and confusion.
Finally the financial benefits can be greater for people who invest in a pre-need program at an earlier age because of the effect of inflation. Furthermore, it is often the case that people in mid-life are best prepared to make financial investment.

Others who should consider Pre-planning are:

  • Individuals who have no close relatives
  • People who want to have final rites in a place where they no longer live
  • Families who feel this type of planning would be a valuable sharing experience and want to prepare their children to make funeral arrangements
  • People who want to provide guidelines for survivors
  • Individuals who need to qualify for Medicaid status


  • Funeral preferences and wishes will be realized
  • Survivors are relieved of several difficult decisions at the time of death
  • Funeral expenses are determined and can be planned for in advance.

Pre-financing, as the name implies, simply means prepaying for the selected products and services in advance. (By law all funds are placed in an irrevocable trust and are only released at the time of death to the funeral home provider).

  • Funds to pay for the funeral will be there when needed
  • Advance payment serves as a hedge against inflation by paying for tomorrow's funeral at today's prices
  • Survivors are relieved of an expense they might otherwise have to bear.

Peace of Mind
By planning now, you will ensure peace of mind for yourself and your family. When death occurs, one phone call to your local funeral director will ensure your funeral wishes will be handled properly.

Source: The Ohio Funeral Directors Association